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Oct 13, 2012 4:21pm EDT
cannot use race in the holistic way that grutter permits? >everyone of their students who happens to be minority will end up in the program. do you not think the university should consider it needs a different diversity? >> the factor is a choice. you have a critical mass of students. they choose to major in different things. that is the problem of classroom diversity. what are they not in the small classrooms? why does that happen? you would say that is an aberration. what is causing it? >> are facing the same thing when we are looking at the holistic measure we are looking for the student who is a nuclear scientist? >> no. it did not take into account the interests. but not as if you're going to major in physics. -- their not going to use you in major physics. they do it in a way that is premised on academic indexes. the have a two-tiered emission system. what we see is that grutter has been perceived as a green light. it used race -- use race. that unchecked use of race which we think has been spawned by misreading of grutter needs to be stopped. >> is any different from how ra
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1